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Client Testimonials

Marilyn reached out to me at a time when I was at a crossroads in my life. Broke and completely bogged down by the recession blues, she created a spirit-elevating ritual for me that reminded me of the bigger picture. She asked me what I wanted to manifest in my life, and spoke to me about not just surviving but thriving. Her personalized ritual took into account my spiritual beliefs and life goals. She helped me to clear my head, focus my energy, and dream a big happy dream for my life even though I was scared to at that moment.

The ritual marked a real turning point in my thinking and my life, and helped me align my actions and intentions with my wildest dreams. It served as a reminder that even when things around us seem bleak, rather than running scared it’s a time to focus on what it is we really want. She asked me to visualize exactly what I wanted to manifest in my life, and create a dreamboard to reflect on those ideas daily.

Now I’m happy to say I have a new job that I enjoy, and have taken my art career to the next level by exhibiting in shows locally and nationally (a longtime dream of mine) and writing for a blog where I interview other artists and showcase their work. Marilyn helped me realize that I deserved to be fulfilled, and that if I worked hard and focused my intentions I could make it happen. She is a very gifted and centered woman, and it was such a privilege to have her consultation.


Marilyn Fontaine!!!

Wonderful teacher beautiful person,
My learning experience was great all thanks to you..
I was very worried to start again after having my two children but was pleasantly surprised on how we were treated and taught, I actually learned something !!

I would recommend Marilyn to teach any of my friends and any one out there that needs to take a step back in their life!!!

Marilyn you’re wonderful and because of you now so am I , and I have my certificate to prove it!

G Eldridge x


My name is Angela,
My tutor was Marilyn Fontaine,
Our class students all came from different backgrounds,
But we all became one group , I feel without Marilyn our group wouldn’t of achieved what we did,
We completed our work as we were meant to,
But we also learnt more about ourselves, our feelings, & strengths,
Marilyn helped me to realize what I did & did not want out of life,
Marilyn taught me inner strength,,
Marilyn taught me how to stand up to my weaknesses,
With Marilyn’s help I achieved a goal & I will continue to achieve more,

I will always praise Marilyn Fontaine,
Never forget her, always recommend her,
She has bettered my outlook on life, taught me more about the type of woman I want to be,

Marilyn is a strong & beautiful woman, and I would like to say thank you Marilyn,
have a blessed life & fulfilling future,

A Belton

Marilyn taught me Aromatherapy at a taster class that she ran for a few weeks only, but we enjoyed her so much we stayed for a year.

Marilyn inspired us to want to carry on in the profession and a few of us went on to study at college to become qualified Aroma therapists.

Because of Marilyn’s dedication, inspiration and love of teaching I am now a fully qualified Aroma therapist, beauty therapist, training to be a Nail technician and also work in the beauty department in the college.

I only went to enrol on an accountancy course and ended up being who I am today because of this wonderful person.

I can only thank you for your love and belief of what you do, because it has turned my life in a direction I would never have considered before.

S Jones.

Marilyn Fontaine is an intuitive and gifted life coach whose grasp on the spiritual context of our lives adds a depth and clarity to her professional practice which is truly unique and nourishing. With Marilyn's assistance in keeping a clear focus on personal responsibility and action, I felt held and guided through a period of rapid growth and breakthroughs. She is a witness, cheerleader, truth-teller and friend. I would recommend her to all who are seeking to implement lasting change in their lives.

J H .

I really want to thank-you for the great coaching you gave, the supportive listening and great suggestions and guidance at a time when I really needed it. The goals settings and the anchoring techniques you gave me were wonderful and just right. Since our sessions I feel that I have been far more proactive about moving my goals forward and much more confident in my approach. I am starting to hold myself accountable to myself with some very positive results. I am completely excited by life right now but also okay with the moments when my energy dips a little, knowing that this is the beauty of living! Thanks again so much I wish you the very best with the development of your career in this field.

Terri Henry - Dominica

When I look back at my coaching form what jumps out at me most is, my self-belief, lack of self-esteem, lack of confidence and motivation. So what coaching or you have done for me is.

Help me to re-evaluate my life and to take time to focus on me, and given me the power to change. I look back at my wheel of life and smile because I know see it with a positive attitude.

Personal growth, new job with loads of opportunities.
Career, working for a company/university that will invest in people.
Money, a better salary plus loads of perks, (lets face it we all need money to different degrees).
Fun/hobbies working with decent people doing a decent job, which I feel I could socialise with and have fun.
Physical environment will definitely be improved.
Romance/partner could potential meet a toy boy! Will keep you posted on that one.
Friends/family this time has helped me rebuild my relationship with my sister.
Health working front of house again, so taking pride in my appearance. The biggest bonus one of the perks is a gym, alas not on site as I thought, but, in Regent St so not so far away. So no excuses for not getting fit again.

I particularly liked they way you reframed situations and I also liked the circle of excellence and swish techniques as these helped me with my job interview.

So a big thanks to you, after all the sky is the limit.

Kindest regards

Doreen Perry

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