Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Each day begins with an affirmation! Start a morning practice – The Creative healing playbook.

Before I start my day on the computer or leave to do training, I start my day with: Yoga and an affirmation card.

The selection of card puts me in a reflective zone and connects me with myself. I am not saying that I cannot function without it, ( that’s meditation) . However the affirmation selection allows me to be creative and focused.

The best way to reach your goals is to have positive statements and affirmations that support you. In the Creative healing playbook you will be able create your own positive statements/affirmations. I will be posting some group work affirmation cards that my workshop participants have created using this process.

For more morning practice ideas and positive statements check out the Creative Healing Playbook at

Have a good day!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Creative Healing Playbook is now available at Amazon and Lulu!!

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Stay tuned Lunch Coming Soon! In the meantime listen to my interview on Creating the Book on Wombmyn Studies radio!

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Saturday, October 02, 2010

Festival of Life Playshop

"The Festival is a unique one-day event with over 50 free talks and workshops and over 60 stalls covering: Self-healing and Self-empowerment • Natural Parenting and Nature Cures • Healthy Vegan Organic Meals and Whole-foods • Permaculture and Environmentalism • Musical, Poetic and Artistic Expression • Simple and Non-consumerist Living • Creating Community and Networks • Celebration and Connection "

The Creative Healing Playshop activities was Creating affirmation cards using recycled materials.

Participants discussed their blocks in relation to affirmations and then reset goals with new awareness.

Family Affirmations

Workshop Participants creating affirmations.

At the end of the session
Participants reinforced their goals and affirmations with a guided meditation.
It was really cold as the workshop was outside in the Children's tent..

The rest of the festival was enjoyable with many Raw/Live food stalls and natural products on sale.

There was even a traditional Apple or Fruit press to make fresh organic Apple juice.

This was not part of my workshop but some of the goodies on offer at the Festival of Life.

To book a Creative Healing Workshop for your group or organisaton please contact Marilyn at info[at]

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