Saturday, March 27, 2010

New Online Courses~ Soul Expressions Telecircle and the Creative Healing online course

For six weeks you will be looking at;

Your Inner Language
How to develop a Goddess practice.
How to use creative mediums to problem solve and to develop a practice to reach your inner 'Magikal child'
We will be working on releasing your own blocks
Connecting with your Inner Goddess and obtaining your own Power symbol.

We will use Guided Imagery
Art Collage
Altar Making
plus various other art mediums
We will have access to a flickr group/message board.

We will meet every week via Telephone conference*
Each Participant will be able to work core creative /healing goal.

Cost of course £200/$298 per participants or £180/$268 early bird price.
(payment plan available).

~Registration Begins in April 2010~Course starts in May 2010~please subscribe via email at info[at] mjfontaine[dot] co [uk]


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New Courses starts May 2010 *

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In this course we will be covering the following topics

Your Starting Point

Your Aims and Your Goals

Your Strengths and weaknesses

Your Inherent gifts

The allies and resources you need to reach your goals.

Your values.

You will also learn;

How to tap into creative and spiritual practices.

How to develop an authentic relationship with yourself.

At the end of the Course you will have an opportunity to submit your artwork to the Creative Healing online Gallery.

You will also have access to free pod casts created by me on insights of creativity and healing.


Self Paced

This is a self paced/directed course. You will receive weekly exercises and pod casts via email to download and use in your own time.

This course is for you if;

If you have a busy schedule ,job or family etc .

If you are a self starter that likes to work at your own pace without any pressure

Cost £20 ongoing.

Group Option

Weekly emails of each topic and Podcasts.
Access to the Creative Healing course blog.

This course is for you if;

You want to share experiences with like minded individuals
You wish to have support and need motivation
You work best as part of a group
You like to support others

Cost £45

Group Option with additional Coaching
All the above with a single coaching session with Marilyn to support your journey

Cost £105

For more information click here to go to the Q& A page or contact Marilyn at
info[at] mjfontaine[dot] co [uk]

Creative Healing Life Coaching Course UK Option

US option

Creative Healing Life Coaching Course


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